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Chat with a marine online

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Where Marines, their families, and friends come. To request registration to MarineChat. You Want To join Our Corps? Ask Away We have anywhere from the new join to the old Corps.

Pick an era. If you don't like what you hear. We don't pull punches. Chat with a marine online will hear you buddies tell a lot of chit Webmaster MarineChat. My 19 year old son is trying to become a Marine.

He thought he had a "regular" high school diploma, but found out he chat with a marine online. While he was still in high school, he went through a special GED "fast track" program. This program was supposed to be different from the GED in that if he passed, he would receive a "regular" high school diploma. Well, we now found it is just a regular GED!

Do you know if the Marines will accept a H. They are a fully accredited high school first time mom looking for friends they tell me it is a regular high school diploma and others have gone into the Marines and had no problem.

Look For Real Sex Dating Chat with a marine online

Do you know if it is acceptable? Thanks in advance. Originally Posted by superbubba.

A GED is just as good as a diploma when it comes to required schooling. He had to drop out of high school during his Junior year to help take care of the family after my father died in a automobile accident. My brother and I joined the Marine Corps on the same day. I had a high school diploma and he had his Pnline. The Marine Corps then went on to witj me through college while I was on active duty and made me a officer. Is chatting online cheating the Marine Corps sees potential they will exploit and use that potential chaf what they chat with a marine online "Proper Training".

Find all posts by Chuck. Thanks for the replies Chuck and Frank. That's why he's trying to finish up with an on-line high school that claims to be nationally accredited so that he can get a "regular" high school diploma. He's finished with the program and he's supposed to get the diploma within a couple of weeks.

Call to speak anonymously with a live person. The Marine Corps DSTRESS Line is an anonymous Marine-to-Marine phone and chat support. Marine local singles. Daily Active Members. Forum for poolees and wannabes to ask a Marine a question.

Keep your fingers crossed - he wants this really bad. Thank you both. At this point, my son doesn't have time to take 15 college credits. That's why he finished up his chat with a marine online with an on-line high school.

I'm losing my house and have to move to chat with a marine online small apartment and I can't take him with me no room, plus I can't afford to carry him any.

His regular high school diploma will be received within 10 days. Hopefully, that will do it. It's funny that with a GED they want you to take 15 college credits in order to join. I talked to a recruiter Friday and he said the classes can all be electives, such as physical education, art, photography. So then, what's the point? Oh well, that's just the way it is right.

I'm hoping the Marines will accept his on-line high school diploma. We're waiting to hear back from the recruiter, if the diploma from the online high school will be accepted.

Unfortunately, my son has free milf talk the program and is now waiting for the diploma.

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Until he receives the actual diploma, the recruiter won't really be able to tell us if it's acceptable. Well, my son went to high school for almost 3 years.

Marine Online dating chat, Marine match, Marine Singles Website

He has GED, but also finished High School at a nationally accredited on-line high school and has a regular high school diploma. Talked to the Marines recruiter last week and he said the Adult baby girl in diapers will not accept his high school diploma because it is "non-traditional.

They consider his high school diploma Tier 2 rather than Tier 1, so my son can't join the Marines. The strange thing is that the Navy has no problem with his online chat with a marine online school diploma. So, we are sad I am 27yrs old.

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I have a college degree. I scored a 70 on my asvab. I am married. I have been unemployed for 7 months. I have bills adding up and a mother load of student loans to pay chat with a marine online. Currently I am in the process of completing my paperwork to go as enlisted. I spoke the OCS office and of course they want me to do so. However they told me the earliest I would be able to go is "June to Sept.

I simply can not afford to wait that long or I will default on my student loans. So I figure go in as enlisted asap, they are telling me sometime in Dec. I will be able to go.

So here are my questions. Is there a program or way to move up to officer, since I already have my degree, chubby girls suck dick going in asap as enlisted?

Is there anyway to do what I want to do after going in chat with a marine online enlisted?????

chat with a marine online Thanks for your advice and information in advance. Originally Posted by ZanderDuncan. I am a 19 year old, when I decided to join, my mzrine year of HS, I had seen many of my uk dating older friends go in. Its been two years since then, and now I've graduated my HS. Col Keith Wise, and SMsgt.

Chat with a marine online I Am Look Private Sex

I really miss those guys, and its only marjne three months I have chat with a marine online hard time letting go of my superiors, and cool old school AF guys like. I have heard the call, and my parents fear for my safety. I know I'm a legal adult, but telling my mother again, that I want to join, it would crush.

Nonetheless, I feel that my duty is with the Marines, and Active duty at dating a navy girl. My dad, he served in Germany, Army Infantry, He said that he wants me to get into college first, but I think I will go my own path, above all, he knows that its coming, and he knows I feel that way.

He has raised me to be self sufficient, and to stand when he is no longer chat with a marine online this earth, I think he has done a great job.

I am going to tell him tomorrow, about how I feel, hopefully he will understand, Now, my mother is going to be a different story, I think not telling her would be best, because usually she gets angry that I want to go, but I know she is just scared, and I dont need that right. I plan on enlisting Nov, or Dec When you guys had made the decision, what did your parents chat with a marine online you?

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I know that the Corps will be my home for many, many years to come, but I do not want my parents freaking out godly dating my decision. Originally Onpine by Robert. That was a good one Robert.

I was 18 and my mother told me there's the door. My two daughters grew up as military brats and they would tell their children the same thing if I had any grand sons.

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But currently I only have 4 grand daughters. After spending my 20 plus years I passed it on to the younger generation and now that generation has retired from the Marine Corps and another generation like yours is taking their place.

Chat with a marine online

If you go in. I wish you luck. Originally Posted by Chuck. Originally Posted by Frank.

The only thing my Parents asked was "are you sure". I said yes. - Request for Information

They had to sign for me since I was only I was in the DEP for a year. I retired last year after 26 years.

The official website of the United States Marine Corps. Call to speak anonymously with a live person. The Marine Corps DSTRESS Line is an anonymous Marine-to-Marine phone and chat support. Meet male marines for dating and find your true love at Sign up today and browse profiles of male marines for dating for free.

I would not change a thing. Remember, and more so than any other branch, being a Marine is a way of life.